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Rustic Rub is a subtle, aromatic Mediterranean fusion blend, unlike any product on market shelves today.  We crafted this medley to evoke the herbal flavors found throughout the Mediterranean restaurants and bistros.  Rustic is going to liven up your taste buds and could easily become one of your favorite blends.

Taste and Aroma
Our Rustic Rub is a delicate and harmonious combination, simultaneously earthy, smoky, fennel-y with just the right amount of heat, that offers the perfect balance of sweet fennel and fragrant black pepper flavor, with background notes of aromatic rosemary, thyme, coriander and paprika. It's an instantly recognizable symphony, and one that can produces absolutely luscious barbecued lamb, lamb kabobs and succulent pork.


How to Enjoy it
  • If you want to add something a little extra to a rack of tender lamb or a flavorful leg of lamb, you can rub some of Rustic on the meat, to your taste.
  • This delicate blend passes its delectable full-bodied flavor into fish and seafood, and stands up wonderfully to strong flavored or gamey meats.
  • Add to scrambled eggs, or on roasted, steamed or sautéed vegetables for an explosion of flavor.
  • Rub a leg of lamb with fresh extra-virgin olive oil. Slather it with Rustic Rub all over lamb that you've studded with fresh garlic, and roast or grill it, and you have the taste of the Mediterranean right there on your plate. 
  • If you're making lamburgers, whisk some Rustic into your mayo and slather it over a toasted bun.
  • Rustic is also an excellent marinade for pork, and turkey. Mix Rustic with extra-virgin olive and marinate the meat for ten minutes before cooking; the flavor permeates quickly.
  • For pasta dishes, add a little olive oil and sprinkle with Rustic.
  • Whisk some Rustic with Greek yogurt and use it as a spiced yogurt marinade for pork chops, or lamb skewers.
  • Our Rustic Rub has an exquisite flavor. Remember though that it is a very delicate blend and will not hold up to a long or high heat cooking process as that would essentially cook off all of the great subtleties. For those processes, try adding it toward the end of the cooking time so the flavor will shine.
  • Rustic Rub goes on pretty anything and everything.
  • To convert into a paste, mix equal parts Rustic, olive oil and water. To make a thinner paste to use in a basting method for grilling, add a bit more of the liquids. 
We’ve stir together cracked Tellicherry fragrant black pepper, fennel seeds, Hungarian paprika, alpine rosemary, lemon peel, Mediterranean thyme, Indian coriander seeds, and pristine Himalayan Pink crystal Salt (Gourmet food grade) to produce this exquisite blend.  We crush the rosemary before mixing so you won't experience any prickly needles. 
Non-Irradiated ★ Small Batch Blended
Freshness Dated ★ Best if used within 1 year of opening 
Product Features
    • Size: There are six different sizes.
    • Dietary Restrictions: Gluten-Free, No MSG, Non-Dairy, Non-GMO, Zero additives. 
    • Easy to store, minimal foot print.
    • Rosemary and Thyme imported from Italy and Spain. Paprika from Hungary. Tellicherry Black Pepper imported from Western India and Himalayan Pink sea salt from Punjab region of Pakistan. Fennel and lemon peel from California. Organic coriander from Oregon.
    • Premium quality.
    • Hand-crafted in USA.


Tips when applying Rustic Rub seasoning as a rub
A rub should coat the surface of the meat so work a rub evenly into to the meat to get the flavor inside as much as possible. If you are applying a rub to poultry try and get it in under the skin so it can better absorb the flavor.  Lightly scoring meat, poultry, and fish will help the rub flavors penetrate further.  Apply your rub at least one hour before you plan to grill.  Large roasts, whole poultry, or briskets should be rubbed down the night before or at least several hours before you plan to grill.  This allows the seasonings to mix with the natural juices of the meat and add as much flavor as possible.

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