T A B I L • The ancient Spice of Tunisia

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Waiving North Africa's predilection for complex spicing, Tunisian Tabil is an elegantly and graceful simple blend, with a wonderful aroma and spicy kick, that will enhance almost anything.

❖  What does Tabil taste like?

You’ll first notice the warm, gentle spicy nuttiness of the coriander followed by the roasted garlic flavor, then you’ll pick up some mild heat in the back of your throat, and to finish it off you’ll notice the biting, warm earthiness of the caraway.

❖  How do You enjoy Tabil?    →  So many ways! 

  • As a marinade for meat, in dips and great on flatbreads. 
  • Tabil goes terrific on any meat that you would like to grill or roast. 
  • Also fantastic in deepening the flavour of stews and tagine recipes. --We also love changing up the plain old couscous with this and it lifts the ordinary yoghurt to another level. 
  • Try it sprinkled over sautéed garbanzo beans. Also over scrambled eggs, or as an exotic rub for grilled chicken.
  • Excellent on sauteed carrots. Also with winter or summer squash, sweet root veggies, and to enhance your basic oven-roasted potatoes.
  • Make pork meatballs heavily seasoned with Tabil.
  • Sprinkled on purchased flat bread brushed with olive oil and grilled. 
  • Delicious with Greek inspired dinner of grilled jumbo shrimp with lemon and oregano, and orzo salad with feta and dill. 
  • For a simple introduction to the flavours of Tunisia, try spreading some fresh toast with avocado, then sprinkle with Tunisian Tabil.


❖  Ingredients  

Our Tabil blend is carefully handcrafted from toasted Coriander seeds (the star attraction) and aromatic toasted Caraway seeds, roasted Garlic, lemony toasted Cumin, and a hint of Hatch New Mexico chile to keep things interesting. It lends a deep and earthy flavor and awesome aroma.

It is Salt free, GMO free and MSG free so you can dig into your favorite dishes worry free!


❖  Recipes
Broiled Pork Chops with Tabil Butter and cauliflower couscous (coming soon).
Lamb with Tabil and Preserved Lemons (coming soon).
Smoky Tunisian Oven-Roasted Vegetables with Tabil (coming soon).



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