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Fragrant Chinese Five-Spice is a Saratoga Spicery favorite due to its gorgeous combination of sweet and savory taste elements. 

Deep and exotic, this flavor packed blend will be your go-to seasoning whenever you want to add an authentic Asian accent to any dish.


  Chinese Five-Spice is an extraordinary and robust, sweet and spicy mélange of powerfully scented spices that brings hot, crispy, numbing & deliciously savory flavor to dishes.  Traditionally used all across Asia and Hawaii, it is named not after the number of ingredients in it, but after the five flavors profile It's meant to be a seasoning that touches on what the Chinese consider the five principal tastes which has a long and rich history in Chinese food culture.  The five flavors are sweet, sour, salty, bitter and piquant (or spicy).  The combination of these flavors is thought to create balance: Chinese Five-Spice engages the whole palate with all five flavors in perfect measure.

At the heart of Chinese-Five Spice is Szechuan pepper (花椒 - Huā Jiāo), an ancient spice that has been cultivated in China for thousands of years that is responsible for the unique tongue-tingling sensation.

  Using at Home

You can use Five-Spice blend in many different ways including adding it to stew meat or poultry, making it part of a marinade and meat sauces, as a spice rub (with a bit of sea salt) when roasting foods, and as a seasoning in the breading for fried foods. Try it to season sweeter meats such as pork or duck, poultry, and pan fried foods, in baking, for spice cakes, muffins or cookies, and to season peanuts or mixed nuts.

Here are some other ideas:

    • Sautée beef with Five-Spice;
    • Sprinkle on white rice is a typical Asian dish of the use of the Five-Spice;
    • Tuna steak marinated in teriyaki sauce with Five-Spice;
    • Banana shortbread with Five-Spice;
    • The duck marinated with honey and Five-Spice;
    • For an interesting twist, add to seafood batters or your favorite pumpkin pie recipe;
    • Stir-fried vegetables are enhanced by sprinkling about a teaspoon of Chinese Five-Spice over them when cooking;
    • Add a little salt and it makes an excellent spice rub for chicken, duck, pork and seafood;
    • Chinese five-spice can also be used to flavor desserts like Chinese Five-Spice shortbread cookies, or side dishes;
    • Mix it with brown sugar to make a topping for roasted nuts;
    • It is often used in a technique called “flavour potting”, where meat is steeped in a rich sauce and cooked for long hours;
    • Chinese Five-Spice can be for use in cooking or as a rub, or used whole for aromatic infusions.
    • Used sparingly, it gives foods a distinct sweet-and-pungent exotic flavor;
    • Chinese Five-Spice is glorious in combination with sugar and honey.


The highly aromatic spices included here are the most commonly used in Chinese Five-Spice.   Our hand mixed blend combines the sweet tones of Star Anise with the bite of spicy Szechuan pepper, and the sweetness of Cassia Cinnamon and Cloves.  Finely ground Fennel seeds and Coriander seeds balance and unite the flavors. 

Those are the only ingredients, yet the balanced synergy of this pungent mix, carefully blended, offers a bouquet of traditional Chinese flavors.  This makes for a potent blend, and Five-Spice is best used in moderation. 

  Explore the flavors with these tasty recipes   

    Five-spice pork with bok choy and green onions

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