Turkish Urfa chiles are uniquely smoky and earthy, with sweet and raisin-undertones, and those qualities are only amplified when they're sun-dried and ground. Use this Urfa chile spice as a meat or vegetable rub, add it to fruity or even chocolatey desserts, or sprinkle it over simple dishes like chickpeas and fried eggs to add a depth of flavor.

In southeastern Turkey, you’ll find black Urfa biber (or its uncured red variety) on almost every table. It’s delicious on kebabs and other grilled meats and veggies, cooked into stews and chilis, in salad dressings, sprinkled on fluffy scrambled eggs, and even mixed into brownies and other chocolate desserts for a little extra depth and a hint of heat.  We’ve been sprinkling it on every snack we make—from eggs to hummus—and cooking with it too, adding it to braises and sauces.

If you know Aleppo pepper, Urfa will seem similar, but it’s smokier and sweeter, and the burn lingers longer.

Tasting notes: beautiful cocoa-and-raisin-like flavor, lightly smoky and tangy.


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