Cloves, whole

Discovered in Indonesia, Cloves have long flavored the recipes of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  

This sophisticated spice is a game-changer year round.  It’s easily ground and even a pinch will really lift a meat rub and curry. 

Clove has a bitter, almost numbing property, which is ideal for cutting through rich meats, or standing up to bold flavors – like braised red cabbage or game. The bitter notes are offset by a complex sweetness, meaning that cloves are often grouped with allspice and nutmeg, and used in sweet bakes like gingerbread, fruitcakes and apple tarts.  

As well as grinding with sugar, salt and other spices, whole cloves are often kept intact. The pretty pin-shape means that they may be used to stud a ham, as well as being steeped in a pickling liquor, or mulled cider.  



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